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The ASCP unites more than 100,000 anatomic and clinical pathologists, residents and fellows, medical laboratory professionals, and students to advance laboratory medicine to better improve patient care through knowledge, collaboration and global community.


DocNet Medical Trading PLC is a privately owned company got its business company name from the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia Ministry of Trade and commercial registration certificate issued under commercial registration and business license proc. Number 686/2010. DocNet Medical Trading is a legally registered company with taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) is 0042457285. The company has been gien VAT registration number 8222020002 that is issued from Ethiopian Revenue and customs Authority value added tax policy, in accordance with VAT proclamation number 285/2002 article 16 or article 18.

DocNet Medical Trading PLC is highly networked with companies and countries engaged in innovating, producing and distributing new and up-to-date Medical equipments, supplies, reagents and human medicine. We also have affiliations with Health & health related consultancy service providing institutions in Ethiopia and throughout the world. The company is run and managed by professionals who have consolidated experience on what it takes to avail quality health services. It has highly trained and companssionate staffs who envision seeing the Ethiopian health system providing state-of-the-art care through the use of up-to-date medical equipments, supplies and reagents. One of the greatest ambitions of DocNet Medical Trading PLC is to come with solution on how to meet the continously rising Quality health service demand of the population with up-to-date standardized medical equipments and drug supplies.

DocNet Medical Trading PLC has an experienced team composition with clinical, medical, and pharmacy regulatory expertise to help the overall work flow confortable and to let our costumer decided on expertise based decision. With strengths in project governance and information technology. DocNet Medical Trading develops and executes integrated processes that facilitate the transfer of data and knowledge on laboratory quality management in line with the national standards. All content is either written by or written under the close supervision of a physician, Laboratory personnel and pharmacists.

DocNet Medical Trading PLC is interested to play a role in public and private sector standard medical product selection, providing short course training on the overall handling, and preventive maintenance of medical equipments and providing relevant information on pharmaceutial supply utilization in health system of each health facility in the country.



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